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Hi! My name is Umut.
I'm a human, son, designer, artist, coder, blogger, non-professional pianist, photographer, nerd, friend, dreamer, Aries, INTJ and warrior of light.

I am originally from Turkey where I studied Computer Technology + Information Systems (Bilkent University, Ankara, TURKEY). During my sophomore year I did an exchange year at Carlow Institute of Technology (Carlow, IRELAND) where I had my first experience abroad. After college I decided to combine my computer skills with my creativity and studied Design + Technology (Parsons The New School for Design, NYC, USA). I currently reside in Berlin, GERMANY and pursue career as a designer + digital artist.

The goal of my personal digital art work is to invoke thoughtful critical response from the audience and reveal different perspectives of ideas and experience. I enjoy working with variety of medium including experimental video, motion graphics, digital photography, installation design and cross-platform storytelling. I am inspired by people-watching, metaphysics, the authenticity of perception, music and architecture.

As far as the professional career goes, I have a very versatile background and different interests such as motion graphics, film + video, spatial/installation design and interactive design.

I am currently working as a freelance designer + artist in Berlin, and am open to projects and collaborations with fellow artists + designers. Please feel free to say hi!




How To's

For this project we created several how-to tutorials for Philips customers to inform them about different Philips lighting products and how to use them as well as lighting in general. Our challenge was to make all these videos interesting and getting the desired information across to the customer in an efficient way. These 3 are the ones I specifically worked on.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Dusseldorf Creation: Daniel Wellschmiedt, Christoph Damanik, Bettina Biermann
Production: congaz dusseldorf
Creation: Danijela Indjic, Frank Olma
Producer: Ines Ludwig / congaz
Animation: Christoph Schmitz, Jakob Saretz, Umut Ozover


Motion Graphics (2013)


Motion Graphics Designer

Philips Website

Valentine's Day

A personal video project for photographer Ondrea Barbe. In this project our challenge was to come up with a visual language that would fit into beauty product industry as well as making the video seductive, playful and interesting.


Film/Video + Motion Graphics (2011)


Motion Graphics Designer + Editor

Directed By

Ondrea Barbe

  • Union Square in Motion

    Union Square in Motion” is a public intervention consisting of two digital linear lenticular zoetropes that uses a person's own motion to make still images appear animated. It is comprised of 31 animations, 9 monitors, 9 custom-cut lenses, 9 modems, 1 router, and a laptop running custom code to loop the animations. This was a project that started as a collab and continued as an independent project. Our challenge with this project was to come up with animations that work well with the zoetropes and still be engaging enough to draw busy New Yorkers' attention as they walk pass by the installation. With the help of our producer Josh Spodnek we were fortunate enough to get an amazing space for our installation in Union Square subway station in New York and had the opportunity to make this project real and viewed by thousands of New Yorkers.

    USIM was a semifinalist project at Adobe Design Achievements Awards for the Installation Design category in 2012 and also received a lot of attention from the media.


    Installation Design (2011)


    Co-Creative Director + Motion Graphics Designer


    An internal web based system proposal designed for Polshek Partnership to keep track of projects and provide interaction between the employees. In this group project, in order to provide a better interaction between the employees we needed to come up with a system that enables people to scroll through different projects by the company as well as introducing the employees to each other. For this we came up with a interactive system that works in two main modes; people and project.
    People mode provides information about the employees such as the projects they are associated with as well as information such as title, email, cubical location on a map and extension number.
    Project mode enables users to view information about past and current projects and all the employees associated with that project as well as project details such as date, location and visual plans.
    GUI Guideline
    Full User Scenario


    Interactive Design + Web + Group Project (2009)


    UI/UX Designer + Interaction Designer

    Six Feet Under

    Remake of the title sequence of the TV show Six Feet Under. I wanted the title sequence to be generic enough to be suitable for every episode yet include characteristic and modern elements like the guy with the tattooed leg. I stayed away from objectifying the protagonist to put the viewer in his position and focus on, to me the most interesting part of the show, the interaction between the protagonist and the death people.


    Film/Video + Motion Graphics (2010)


    Concept Artist + Motion Graphics Designer + Camera + Editor


    The New School Art Collection and Parsons’ Sheila C. Johnson Design Center are pleased to present the exhibition Re-Imagining Orozco in the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery. Re-Imagining Orozco features large-scale drawings created by Enrique Chagoya for the exhibition, as well as prints, video, installation, and mixed media works that respond to the mural by students from Parsons’ Design + Technology, Illustration, and Product Design departments and Eugene Lang College.

    Collaborators: Serin Inan - Lead Compositor (All Transitions, Animated Opening Scene and Hell Scene) Seul Lee - Rotating Tables Ernesto Gutierrez Lezama - Hell Scene (Art and Design) Umut Ozover - Overlapping Tables Se Hee Choe - Electronic Tables Halli Gomberg - Myths Scene Robert Jan DeVries-Visual Effects Supervisor and Co-Faculty Anezka Sebek-Director/Producer and Co-Faculty


    Motion Graphics


    Motion Graphics Designer + Concept Artist (2010)

    More Info

    A Conversation
    About Death

    A wordpress website for a client. This is a very text heavy website so the challange was to create a clean, readable, non confusing website as well as including all the information provided by the client. The header image was provided by the client herself.


    Web (2010)


    Front End Developer

    Origin Of

    ‘Origin of Symmetry’ is a photographic exploration of perception, in which viewers are invited to experience their own inner structure of intellect and create a world of their own imagination.Each image portrays a suggested alternative reality thereby creating a shift in perception between its parts and the whole. This photographic shift raises the viewer’s awareness of the power of perception and takes them on a unique journey of their own. When one meditates on the journey, one comes to wonder, “Is the world we live in right now the origin of the past, the future, the unknown; the origin of symmetry?”

    Open Call // Open Door, Group Exhibition | Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, Istanbul (2015)


    Digital Photography




    At the end of Summer 2013, I worked on a submission for the Potion Collective (a brooklyn based art community)'s zine titled Kaleidoscope. These images are the continuation of that serie.
    Work in progress. Please contact if you want to see more.


    Digital Painting (Ongoing)


    Artist + Photograper

    Paradox; typically within logic

    Series of digital paintings created by repeating the same image based on typically within logic; Paradox.
    Work in progress. Please contact if you want to see more.


    Digital Painting (Ongoing)


    Artist + Photographer


    Series of digital paintings based on the photographs I had taked over the years during my travels.


    Digital Painting



    New Year´s Eve,
    Downtown Dubai 2013

    When I was working at Congaz I was fortunate enough to be a part of this great production. For my scene (water splash scene) I needed to create a minute long sequence in synch with the drummer music using different splash footage I was provided with.

    Media Artist / Show Creation: Andree Verleger
    Overall Implementation / Management / Production: Avantgarde Brand Services
    Media-Production / Projections: congaz visual media company
    Fireworks Creation / Production: Groupe F Producer: Isabel Fink

    Compositing / Animation: Christoph Schmitz, David Baker, Uwe Malorny, Björn Müller, Achim Dietze, Sebastian Ewringmann, Ruth-Sophie Glas, Jakob Saretz, Till König, Oliver Koch, Lukas Müller, Jan Goldfuß, Joschka Herrlich, Andreas Heikaus, Umut Ozover, Przemek Duda
    Creation: Frank Olma, Danijela Indjic


    Motion Graphics (2013)


    Compositor (Water Splash Scene)



    I was hired by New York based multidisciplinary artist monika bravo who closely directed me to create the drawings and animations of the skylines of seven cities made out of the text of Italo Calvino's Invisible cities for her time-based sculpture Landscape of Belief (2012) . All images copyright: monika bravo, 2013


    Motion Graphics + Installation Design (2012)


    Motion Graphic Assistant

    Word Games

    These thought provoking "posters" are the result of my experimentation with print design. This on-going project is a quest to seek meaning movement, importance and questioning through the medium of graphics design and it's basic elements. I playfully combine minimal elements such as characters and shapes with language (which I have raised a new awareness since I started learning German) in order to induce transformation of 2D elements into an abstract form; an idea.


    Print Design (Ongoing)


    Artist + Designer

    Art Portfolio

    I wanted my art portfolio to be different than regular art portfolios. I wanted it to be completely minimal and show my personality. The result is a kind-of choose your own adventure story to get to know me and see my work. I wanted to take the minimalistic approach to extreme and applied it to the graphics, the code and the interface yet make it as personal as I can with the text and by matching the pauses of the text to my pauses to make the interaction more personal and real.


    Interactive Art (Work In Progress)


    Concept Artist + Coder


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